‘Creating value in the innovation district of ’s-Hertogenbosch’

‘s-Hertogenbosch gives itself ten years to become the ICT city. The landing site for this ambition is the innovation district to be developed, the area around the Grasso / Grenco site. What if we activate the innovative power in the region around this beating innovation heart of the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch? And to do this make the connection with specialists in the field of tech and data, designers and other creative makers to tackle challenging issues from different angles?



In the dynamic and inclusive SPARK Makers Zone, we work from these different angles on a daily basis. In this way, SPARK Makers Zone offers a place and platform to load and feed the innovation district in the coming years with concrete applications together with the partners involved. For this reason, we cordially invite you on Tuesday 27 October to be part of this development. During this online meeting we will give you a sneak preview of the first application. The aim of this session is to get more positive attention for the innovation district based on the question of how we can load the innovation district around various issues and thus allow visitors and residents to experience and experience them. Watch the complete video on Facebook.


Cassandra vugts / Spark Makers Zone


Ine Gevers / (Im)possible Bodies


Tabo Goudswaard / Sociaal Creatieve Raad


Lisan Beune / Makers Platform

Ine Gevers (Future Of Work Foundation / (Im)possible Bodies), Tabo Goudswaard (Social Creative Board), Lisan Beune (Makers Platform), Walter Stam (‘s-Hertogenbosch municipality / Innovation District at the Spoorzone).

Companies present:
ATOS, BAM, BIM NV, Botberg, BrabantC, Caeli Consulting, COFFEE 3, Aim At Art, Drie Verdieping, Laser Lux, Ivo van Berkel, Sint Lucas, ‘s-Hertogenbosch municipality.

SPARK Makers Zone, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (online).