Partner event (Im)possible Bodies

The (Im)possible Bodies partnerevent offered exclusive content for partners including a view of the program for a wide audience. Michela Magas, for example, gave a glimpse into the Industry Commons Ecosystems Labs (ICE labs) that offer companies the opportunity to come up with new ideas, insights and solutions in joint sessions. Engineers and product developers (R&D) can participate in the creation of innovative ecosystems by co-creating horizontally with makers from the international communities.



‘s-Hertogenbosch is on the eve of a unique, impressive and new festival! The (Im)possible Bodies festival is a 10-day design, music and tech event on cyborgs, held from 23 October to 1 November 2020, Spoorzone in Den Bosch. This coincided with the Den Bosch Data Week, which offered extra opportunities for a nice cross-pollination for both festivals. While Den Bosch Data Week is concerned with what abstract data does to people, visitors at this festival were able to explore the use case scenarios of human-machine mergers with a view to the Future of Work.


Michela Magas (Music Tech Fest), Ton Rombouts (Oud-burgemeester ‘s-Hertogenbosch), Ine Gevers ((Im)possible Bodies), Cassandra Vugts (SPARK Makers Zone).

Companies present:
Marianne Hewlett (Atos), Leon Emmen (Atos), Ferdinand Gremmen (SDK Volker Wessels), Jason Malone (Beam Systems), Stephan Glerum (DBDW), Jacqueline Spoeltman (Rabobank), Henk Dijkstra (Rabobank), Maarten van der Vaart (Hermes / Tausch), Bert van der Els (Bestuursvoorzitter SPARK), Mirjam Hament (Stichting Brabant C), Marijn Moerbeek (Gemeente ‘s-Hertogenbosch), Ernst Galutschek (ASML), Kirsti Pol (De Conceptenbouwers / bestuurslid Future of Work), Kristel Heesterbeek (Provincie Brabant), Jacqueline Pennings (JADS), Arne Koefoed (Wink en Raad van Toezicht Niet Normaal INT), Onno Ephraim (Business Director Niet Normaal INT), René Bosma (AKV St Joost), Jeroen Dona (Brabanthallen), Jan van der Putten (Verkadefabriek), Erik de Jong (TU Eindhoven), Miesjel van Gerwen (Bosch Parade), Coralie den Adel ((Im)possible Bodies / Boulevard Festival).

SPARK Makers Zone, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.