workshop Who owns the economy?

Can we shape the ‘economy of tomorrow’ based on Friendship, Kinship, and Trust? In a time where criticism of the current economic system is growing and the call for an alternative economy with different rules is getting louder, it may be time to take action ourselves. But who has the right to judge?

Time: 13:15-15:30hr
Van Abbemuseum
Stratumsedijk 2


Jatiwangi Art Factory

Arie Syariefudin (Jatiwangi Art Factory), Godelieve Spaas (Avans) and Olga Mink (Future of Work), will discuss JaF’s work in the exhibition: Everything worthwhile is done with other people in the Van Abbemuseum.

The Indonesian art collective Jatiwangi Art Factory (JaF) sees it as their shared responsibility to bring the economy back to the people directly involved. Everyone can participate, contribute to the profits, and think about the rules that apply. Can we, just as JaF, establish a local economic practice in harmony with the physical environment and the community?

The workshop will be in English.


Episode #4

Listen to our live broadcast with Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF). The Indonesian art collective discusses their ideas, perspectives and practices in art, economy, collectivity, clay, earth, as well as their project The New Rural Agenda and their work as part of the exhibition Everything worthwhile is done with Other people in the Van Abbemuseum. The radioshow is also accompanied by Valeria from Germany, who reflects on her collaboration with JaF.

Future of Work Foundation
is a platform for collective action with the aim of questioning the current economic paradigm from an ideological and an everyday perspective. Future of Work makes proposals for acting differently, making informed choices and telling new stories about economy, as a topic which is central to how we create meanings in modern society and hence to how our behaviours are shaped. Future of Work proposes new forms of collaboration around work and economy, and proposes visions, stories and practices to stimulate dialogue about what economy looks like when our needs become secondary to the demands for a healthy ecosystem and a just society (


Van Abbemuseum

A picture of the workshop by Olga Mink and Godelieve Spaas together with @alghorie, @detitikdua and @sekiandetik from Jatiwangi Art Factory in the Van Abbemuseum. Participants were invited to co-think examples for collaborative economic practices. Also we invited everyone to answer the question ‘Who Owns the Economy?’ We will share the results during the festival in October.