Oddkin was founded in 2018 by Márton Kabai and Natela Lemondzhava in The Hague, NL. Márton, with a background in graphic design, and Natela, with expertise in art science. They formed Oddkin with a shared desire to respond to the unique condition of the Anthropocene. Their subject matter often revolves around how design as a matter, as a body, maintains the divide between humans and nature. Writing, langage and narratives are central in their practice as well as the aestetics of 3D graphics and animation. They occasionally incorporate participatory elements. Oddkin often collaborates with other artists and musicians. In addition to their artistic pursuits, both Márton and Natela are involved in teaching.

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Te zien tijdens EXPO 'Van wie is de economie?'

I have always been with you (Sonic ceramic sculpture series)

In times of the Anthropocene and extreme political and economic injustice, recognizing the power of our voice to flourish or destroy worlds has drawn our attention to our sound and breathing organ, the vocal cord, hidden inside the Larynx. Speaking truth to power and confronting injustice with our voices has been transformative ever since. By exposing the human larynx as a biological instrument hidden inside the human body, we can understand how much we are materially rooted and how our feelings and thoughts have a material dimension. Reconnecting to our material significance could reduce alienation, separation, and the gap between nature and culture. Moreover, the porcelain sculptures series produces a sound composition focusing on the ethics of confronting abuse and violence, borrowing from the 'nonviolence' movements and the method of 'calling-in.'