EXCHANGE PROJECT - Lecture performance

The lecture performance is a contemporary ritual in which Godelieve Spaas (Avans University of Applied Sciences), Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj (The100Hands) and Falk Hübner (Fontys Academy for the Arts) immerse you in an alchemical vessel full of personal experiences, practical examples, science and ancient traditions that present you with diverse perspectives on economics.

Location: Verkadefabriek
Date: Sunday, October 8
Time: 16.00 - 17.00 hours
Tickets: 15 Euro / students 10 Euro (excl service costs eventbrite)

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Stuff, services, knowledge, entertainment, nonsense. All day long, people exchange with each other. In Western society, this exchange increasingly takes on the character of a transaction. Based on an agreement, goods and services are exchanged for money or the numbers in our bank accounts change. What if these standardized agreements go away? Or if we find ourselves somewhere with different standards, in another culture, for example?

How does our current primary way of bartering affect our lives, how we treat each other and our environment? Is this the best way to organize our household and that of the earth? facilitate? Are other ways of exchange conceivable and what can they bring us?

At the crossroads of performing arts, scientific research and entrepreneurship, The100Hands together with Godelieve Spaas (Avans, lecturer New Economy & Sustainability) and Falk Hübner (Fontys, lecturer Artistic Connective Practices) investigate the workings and values of exchange, and shine their light on the relationship that arises by exchanging something.

They do this based on the belief that the real strength of a community comes from connections that arise from non-quantifiable exchanges between people. They search for possible answers towards a better life together, a more resilient economy and a more stable relationship with our environment. Drawing on personal experience, practical examples, science and ancient traditions, they shape a contemporary ritual.


Expositie ‘Alchemy of Exchange’

De expositie ‘Alchemy of Exchange’ biedt een kijkje in het proces van samenwerking, de ‘exchange’, tussen de domeinen kunst, wetenschap en ondernemen die aan Exchange Project ten grondslag ligt.

De expositie is opgezet als een meerlagige cloud of things, een work-in-progress van het levende proces van uitwisseling. De collectie verhalen, audio-opnamen, video-elementen, visuele verwerkingen en zelfreflectie opdrachten, tonen hoe domeinoverschrijdend onderzoek naar het fenomeen 'exchange' tot een waaier aan waardevolle output en toepassingen leidt. Alchemy of Exchange toont hoe lineaire en feitelijke realiteiten prima samengaan met het persoonlijke, emotionele en imaginaire.

De expositie is te zien in Spiegelruimte van Willem Twee in Den Bosch tijdens Future of Work festival in de periode 5 t/m 22 oktober 2023.

Concept, dramaturgy and acting: Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj
Concept, text and choreography: Jasper Džuki Jelen
Concept, research and lecture: Godelieve Spaas (Avans) and Falk Hübner (Fontys)
Dance: Alkis Barbas, Bryan Atmopawiro, Myrthe Marchal, Emma Thomson
Music composition: ArthurMusic
Music performance: Abel Ton
Costumes: Esther Sloots
Coproduction: Avans Hogeschool, Fontys Hogeschool for Arts

The100Hands works in a multi-year collaboration with DansBrabant.