Exhibition · Who owns the River?

With a busy Ceramics Studio, Huis73 involved several amateurs and professionals in building a production line of ceramics from the Dieze river. This led to the exhibition "Who owns the River?" which showcases the production line from primal soil to fair product. Here, the focus is not only on the final product (such as the pottery of students and teachers), but there is also a display of a 'visual report' on the mining of clay. The exhibition runs parallel with the festival "Who owns the economy?" and can be visited for free at Huis 73.

Diezeklei: From primal soil to Fair Product?

In the context of studying the Dieze clay, Huis 73 has dived into the work of Robbrecht de Potter together with various makers. In all likelihood, this 15th-century potter from the Tolbrug quarter in Den Bosch was also working with clay from the same Dieze estuary where they extracted our clay. 

In partnership with Stichting Erfgoed, 3D printing techniques were used to make copies of some of his pottery with today's river clay. How visible are the material differences (clay and glazing) between his 'tableware' and the river clay of today. And what was the common 'design' of pottery in the 15th century? 

This is a partner project organised by Huis 73 in cooperation with the Ecology and Heritage Department of the Municipality Den Bosch.