Walk along the Dommel / Dieze to the Meuse (with RUW)

This event is a partner event organised by Huis73. More information about this event will follow soon.

Who owns the river?

In anticipation of the debate  "RUW: Rights for the Dommel, the Dieze and the Aa", we will walk along the Aa and the Dieze to the Maas with everyone who would like to get to know the rivers. Along the way, we will meet various actors who have their own unique relationship with the river: from businesses to recreational users, from local residents to ecologists and from activists to interested citizens.

Put on your walking shoes and get ready for a perspective-shifting journey: instead of hiding the water from sight, we put it at the centre of our attention and will follow the entire course of the Aa at the edge of the Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch via the Dieze to the Maas.