Constructlab is a transdisciplinary design-build network that brings together architectural concepts and construction. While breaking with traditional divisions of labor, the organization engages a team of multi-talented designer-builders – as well as sociologists, urban planners, graphic designers, curators, educators and web developers – who carry the creative process from the drawing board to the field. Their shared vision of a collaborative way of working combines the creative with the practical, the thinking with the doing.

A market for construction, transdisciplinary production and collective decision-making


The WOOD FOOD INK market revolves around three assembly lines. Stools are made on the first line, printing is done on the second, and daily food is prepared on the third. With this market, Constructlab seeks to gather insights about sharing economies and cooperative intelligence. Therefore, the installation is not just about production; rather, the true essence lies in the models underlying the intended daily activation.

The marketplace explores who gets to participate in what process, how things are made and what resources, thoughts, ingredients and materials are used. What is the value of the product, what is the value of the experience and what is the value of labor. Constructlab consists of different actors, each with a unique background, specific skills, talents and ideas. The composition of the group changes from day to day, the materials, ingredients and ideas also vary from day to day. In addition, each person makes different considerations each time during the production process. To make this project viable, it is crucial to understand and accommodate these diverse factors.

In addition, the installation examines how the three assembly lines influence each other. What roles do participants assume on a daily basis, what individual understandings influence the production process. As individuals assume different positions and responsibilities, new dynamics and opportunities emerge. By creating an atmosphere of cooperative intelligence, the project encourages behaviors that promote adaptability, shared learning and collective problem solving.

The WOOD FOOD INK market is a space where different voices come together to reshape our idea of collaboration. What are the intrinsic motivations and values that drive individuals and communities. The market seeks to uncover the underlying motivations in production process. Additionally, as a collective, Constructlab is interested in the reasoning behind their own projects (which often go beyond mere monetary gain). By exploring alternative models and engaging participants in a dialogue, the installation serves as a catalyst for action and reflection. As visitors become active participants, they help decide and share their perspectives.