Nicolas Galeazzi

Nicolas Galeazzi is a freelance artistic researcher, curator, teacher, and coach for productive misunderstanding. For about ten years, he co-curated the post-graduate platform for Artistic Research Practices a.pass. He is the founder of the transformative coaching platform MISE-EN-DISCOURSE, co-founder of performance collective I AM A PERMANENT MEMBER and of the Brussels-based artist movement STATE OF THE ARTS (SOTA). As such, he is also the initiator and main editor of the SOTA Arts Almanacs (2019 and 2023).

His research is always an act of performance, and performance is an act of research. His practice focuses on reinventing the wheel of pedagogy, epistemology, alternative economics, and ecology – things that perform our lives. Through curating situations of debate, by coaching, with dramaturgic support, bookmaking and performance, he engages in subtle transformation. Initially trained for theatre, he crosses over to diverse positions in performance art, installation, publishing and artistic research, which provokes a constant search for the redistributions of responsibilities. That said, the commons might be his art form.