The Wool Assembly Line - From Waste to Golden Fleece Wool

This workshop, led by artist/designer Cynthia Hathaway, is a hands-on experience, working with local wool to discuss the current wool system, and it's potential as a golden fleece.

Date: Wednesday 18. October
Time: 12-14h
Location: Werkwarenhuis, Den Bosch

Free entrance - max 12 persons. You can sign up via the link below

with Cynthia Hathaway

The Wool Assembly Line - From Waste to Golden Fleece Wool

Participants will be introduced to the present system of wool by visiting each station of The Wool Assembly Line. Whilst felting, and having hands in the wool, we connect to one another's stories, thoughts, and perspectives. We will reflect upon the current devaluation of wool, and what connections can be made for a holistic wool chain. What and who is missing, and what needs to go?

The output from the discussions will inspire embroidered texts for the next Wool Activist Blanket to add to the herd in the space, and for the next Wool March in the streets of Tilburg.

You do not need to know how to felt or know anything about wool to participate. The main thing is to gather and look at a system from a variety of perspectives, letting the wool guide us.

The workshop is led by Cynthia Hathaway, designer of The Wool Assembly Line. Also shepherd Marly Gommans and system critic Ed van Hinte will be present.