Workshop Who owns the economy?

This workshop explores the concept of collective ownership from both an artistic and everyday perspective. Led by Arie Syarifuddin (Jatiwangi Art Factory), Godelieve Spaas (Avans), and Olga Mink (Future of Work), workshop participants will playfully explore and discuss which ideas and practices can be (re)imaged and combined to develop new perspectives.

The workshop will take place in Werkwarenhuis from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM. The cost for this workshop is 5 Euro.

Discover new insights with us as we delve into topics such as economy, community, ownership, and kinship. The economy is often seen as a law of nature, hence we rarely question the underlying narrative and its rules. Yet we are the creators of how we shape our collective household. As the call for a new economic system gains momentum, an opportunity to make a difference might be within reach. 

During the workshop, the festival curators Olga and Godelieve, will explore the notions of collective ownership. Together with Arie Syarifuddin, member of the Indonesian art collective Jatiwangi Art Factory (JaF), they will approach this topic from an artistic and collective perspective.

Arie Syarifuddin will delve into his project featured in the exhibition 'Who Owns the Economy.' Through this, Syariefudin will illuminate his collective working practice, both within and outside his artistic community. JaF is deeply connected to the potential of the local community and the rural environment in Indonesia. Can we, just like Jatiwangi Art Factory, develop a decentralized collective working practice that makes us feel more closely connected to each other and our local surroundings? A way of working (together) where friendship, kinship, and trust form central values?

While everyone is welcome to join the workshop, it is especially suited for artists, designers, researchers, and creative producers who are interested in the intersections between their own work practice, economy, and community practices. The workshop will be conducted in English.