Carlijn Kingma

Carlijn Kingma (1991) is a researcher, artist and cartographer.

In November 2016 she graduated from Delft University of Technology at the faculty of Architecture. But although she felt highly attracted to the architectural practice, she chose to be an architect in an alternative way. Behind her drawing table, she create worlds in order to understand the world around us. Drawings that reflect on the complex structures of our societies. The works are always the result of extensive collaborations.

The drawings and stories map the social, political and power structures around us, readable through the metaphorical language of architecture. The worlds become alternative maps to navigate our society.

to be seen during EXPO 'Who owns the economy?'

Het waterwerk van ons geld (2022)

In cooperation with Martijn Jeroen van der Linden (Lecturer New Finance Haagse Hogeschool), Thomas Bollen (investigative journalist Follow The Money), Follow The Money and De Haagse Hoge School. In residence at The Rabobank. Supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Stichting Brave New Works.

to be seen during EXPO 'Who owns the economy?'

Drie utopische scenario's


De vallei van schuldenvrij geld, april 2023

De republiek van de duizend munten, april 2023

De agora van democratisch geld, april 2023

lender: Rabo Kunstcollectie

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